Child Nutrition and Obesity

Child nutrition and obesity stand from two opposing corners. Decent nutrition is essential in keeping a child healthy, while obesity threatens the health condition of a child. Child nutrition and obesity are two concerns that parents should not take for granted. Child nutrition should take top priorities among households to keep obesity and the health concerfns at bay.

Parents view on nutrition can be heavily distorted by the information put out by food companies via their prolific advertising capaigns designed to influence you to buy their offerings. Mass media is a competing factor in providing the right information on nutrition and television advertisements show conflicting messages. While some may reinforce the value of nutritious food, many, many others have done the exact opposite vis misinformation.

Nutritionist and medical scientists have been digging all possible answers to shed light on issues regarding child nutrition and obesity. Milk that is enriched with vitamin supplement has flooded the grocery racks.

Incredibly, high salt and high sugar snacks have become vitaminized to compensate the needed nutrient intake of children. Junk foods are no longer called as such, they are often marketed as healthy options because they are “fortified with vitamins.”

In the same manner, some cold cuts of meat sold in different supermarkets now contain vitamins. All these and more were made to respond to the growing inadequacy of the nutrient intake of kids, but also to maintain sales of what is essentially food-like substances presented as “food.”

Vitamin supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet and in many instance simply encourage the parent to continue to misfeed their offspring.