Who is Andrew T. Austin

I am a therapist, trainer and author of the popular NLP book, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales from a Neurolinguist’s Journal” which has attracted comparisons to Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson.

In the past I have been consulted by television production and media companies regarding alternative psychology, hypnosis and neurological syndromes and have appeared on the BBC program, “Inside Out” (the episode where the cat is registered as a hypnotherapist) as well as on local radio and network television in India.

Based in the seaside village of Rustington, West Sussex, England, I am a hypnotherapist with a background clinical experience in neurosurgery and neurology in my former profession as a registered nurse.

I have been teaching Brief Therapy techniques since 1996 and more recently I have acquired a sizeable reputation with my developments of Integral
Eye Movement Therapy and Metaphors of Movement which are taught internationally and are attracting considerable attention.

“Therapy means social, political and personal change, not adjustment.”

The Radical Therapy Collective.