Why Television Is Causing Child Obesity

So much has changed since the boost of technology. Some years ago, kids played out in the sun all day, running or climbing a huge tree.

Today, kids are play in virtual grounds through technology. The television is one of the most famous past-times of the youth. Since its invention our eyes have become glued to it most of the time. This is the lifestyle we have created and introduced the youth to whether directly or not, allowing it to over power us. We have also allowed health problems to continue, to worsen as the boob-tube lifestyle prevails. The question at hand is why the television is causing child obesity.

Obesity is a form of malnutrition wherein energy intake from food is stored as fat because its unused. Since a 1997 study, the incidence of child obesity has tripled, exceeding rates of the incidence adult obesity. It seems as if we’ve bred obesity from the home and we observed that indeed the television is causing child obesity.

To become overweight or more importantly, obese is due (but not solely) to minimal physical activity which causes the body to store excess energy as fat. Television brought out the couch potato and this is the lifestyle many children and adolescents know of. Many children sit for hours watching so thatís why that television is causing child obesity.

By becoming an audience to a television show, a personís attention is directed to it so much that nothing else is done besides sitting, staring and maybe the occasional snack.

Sometimes, we reach a point of excessive eating. Excessive eating combined with inactivity is very unhealthy. Energy converted from food should be consumed. It must be used up through physical exertion. An overweight child who devotes most of his free time to the television is victim to obesity as oftentimes the television is causing child obesity.

Although there are other factors that contribute to child obesity, the television is one of the factors that originate from home. It can be controlled and prevented. If a child is indeed, obese or on the verge of obesity, encourage the child to do more physical activities such as walking and playing.

Let him stay away from the tube as too much television is causing child obesity. A sport (that requires high physical activity) may do better. Lessen the childís time in front of the television.

Explaining to the child and the family why the television is causing child obesity may help. It is also important to consider and address obesity as a health problem and not a problem of appearance. Encourage the family to be more involved and active with the child. We can prevent and stop obesity.